Search, visualize and analyze log files and operational data

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Application and Infrastructure Monitoring

        Monitor your entire technology stack

Live Tail Files

       Monitor files anywhere in your system, live.

Share Expert Knowledge

       Use Data Driven workspaces to share expert knowledge

Interactive Search and Discovery

       Search real-time streaming and historical data

Analyse each event in detail

       Pick through your data with the Event Analyser.

Native JSON Support

       Automatically extract value from your data.

Index unlimited data volumes at fixed costs and massive scale

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“Logscape allows us to work out and rationalize where our bandwidth costs are going…[and] come up with roadmaps in terms of what is going to save us the most money first.”

Andy Coates Enterprise Architect, Sportingbet | case study

Apps for system and log monitoring

Analyze and troubleshoot on common platforms

Search, visualize and analyze log files and operational data from common setups out of the box.

Apps extend the capabilities of Logscape and make it even easier to get up and running quickly.


Case Studies

  • Rabobank

  • Introduced into Rabobank 5 years ago
  • Used by over 14 teams
  • Monitors Grid Performance
  • Monitors System KPI's
  • Ingests over 100Gb of data daily
  • Provides automated alerts
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  • Sportingbet

  • Introduced into SportingBet 3 years ago
  • Monitors over 150 IIS servers
  • Ingests over 100Gb of data daily
  • Provides full stack monitoring
  • Acts as a central knowledge repository
  • Allows for rapid access to environment stats
  • Download
  • Protected

  • Introduced into Protected 2016
  • Ingests between 20-35gb daily
  • Assists with ISO20071 Certification
  • Front-Back monitoring
  • Scaled deployment allowing for growth
  • Utilizes Geo-IP rendering for traffic
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Logscape CTO, Neil Avery

What motivates us and shapes our vision

Maarten D'Haese, Head of IS&D, Rabobank

Logscape and its growth

Andy Coates, Sportingbet Enterprise Architect

How Logscape helped us optimize our platform


Get started for free, add indexers to scale. Analyze unlimited data volumes

  • 1. Get Started

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  • Deploy the Logscape Manager and start indexing, searching and analyzing data absolutely free.
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  • Forwarders: Collect remote files
  • IndexStores: Scale out your data processing
  • Indexers: Inplace processing on remote files
  • Data from syslog and any network input
  • Custom dashboards, workspaces and reports
  • Real-time event detection, triggers and alerts
  • LDAP for user and role-based access control
  • Support via online forums
  • 5GB daily data limit***

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  • 2. Licensed Support

  • Contact us / year **
  • License the Manager to get bug tracking, patches and deployment assistance
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  • Support via our customer portal, webex, phone and email
  • Scale on existing infrastructure  

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** A 20% discount is available where a Case Study / Reference is possible
*** Environment is limited to one indexer

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Logscape 3 Released

Oct 20th

  • New Improved search UI, making it easier for users, new and old, to explore their data

  • Search performance improvements, Index faster, Search faster, Logscape 3 introduces significant performance improvements.

  • New Event Analyser, the new event analyser allows you to take an in-depth view at your event, and how it relates to your search

Logscape 2.4.2 Released

July 19th

  • New HTML5 interface provides support for mobile devices

  • Dynamic field extraction to discover log files and operational data on-the-fly

  • Freemium licensing model to get up and running free of charge (5GB)

Rabobank Operational Efficiency

July 22nd

    Excelian is pleased to announce that as the managed service provider for the Rabobank’s compute grid infrastructure, we have successfully deployed Logscape as the monitoring platform of choice across the multi-thousand core compute grid to provide greater operational efficiency.


January 19th

Sportingbet decides against Hadoop to analyse 60Tb of data

Online gaming site Sportingbet has decided against using popular big data analytics software Hadoop in favour of technology provided by British-born SME Logscape, in order to analyse up to 60 TB of data within one year...

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