Interactive search for operational data and log file analysis

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     Share Expert knowledge

Capture expert knowledge with Interactive Workflows

  • Allow all your users access to specially designed workflows

  • Design interactive workflows using expert knowledge to quickly analyse problems

  • Junior staff can follow preset debug routes, i.e Unix/Windows app

  • Capture this knowledge in the form of apps.

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        Tail files in real-time

A rich text viewer for your live files

  • Tail your files in a rich text environment

  • Intuitive syntax highlighting

  • Make temporary edits in the tailer

  • Find and highlight key words

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     Search log files at scale

Search real-time streaming and historical data

  • Discover log files and operational data on-the-fly. Dynamically extract fields. No schema required

  • Apply analytics and filters to slice, dice and refine searches using charts and visual cues

  • Overlay and correlate structured and unstructured data across disparate infrastructure

  • Drill down into raw log files and operational data

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        Interactive search and discovery

Let Logscape do the heavy lifting

  • Logscape processes data at ingest time

  • Automatically extract Key-Value pairs

  • Build your own Datatypes to apply to incoming data

  • Map values to fields which are exposed at search time

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        Automatic JSON extraction

Automatically extract and analyse JSON data

  • When Logscape detects a JSON file, it will automatically extract fields

  • These fields become available to you at search time allowing to you manipulate your data

  • Synthetics can be constructed off this data

  • No need to manually construct a Datatype

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        Analyse each event in detail

Pick through your data with the Event Analyser.

  • Analyse every field within every event

  • Compare an event to every other event in your search

  • Automatically filter your search based upon one event

  • Compare fields found in one event, to those in every other event

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        Source your data from anywhere

Capture your data wherver it may be

  • Run local Logscape apps

  • Source from a multitude of databases

  • Use popular collectors such as CollectD, Telegraf, Beats and Syslog

  • Create your own custom app

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        Customised real-time operational visibility and log monitoring

Create custom workspaces and workflows

  • Customise summary views for any perspective: help desk, development, operations, marketing, etc.

  • Link workspaces and external systems to support individual and organizational workflows

  • Drill down into underlying searches, log files and operational data for further investigation

  • Detect and correlate events, raise alerts by monitoring log files and operational data

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        Control your data

Zoning can control your data, or let it roam free.

  • Zones can be configured geographically to keep your data within geographic regions

  • Use Zones to control the flow of data so small Indexstores are not overwhelmed

  • Zoning can be relaxed so that data can freely flow until it finds an Indexstore

  • Zoning gives you a finer grain of control over where your date is stored.

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        Blindingly fast

Logscape gets what you need, quickly.

  • Process 100,000 events per second per search thread.

  • Scales off your hardware.

  • Hot and Cold files mean newer files are served faster.

  • Conditions for Hot and Cold are completely configurable.

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        Easy to setup

Start getting value in minutes

  • Logscape can be installed and configured in 5 minutes

  • Seamlessly add new agents to your environment

  • Works straight out of the box

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        A breeze to use

A simple yet powerful Search Syntax

  • Self-Explanatory Search Syntax

  • Fully documented

  • Tutorials available

  • Community forum

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        Logscape in your langauge

Logscape supports multiple languages

  • English

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • Contact us to get your language added

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        Integrate with 3rd party services

Third Party Integrations out of the box

  • IFTT

  • Github

  • Jira

  • Slack

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       Full Stack Monitoring

Correlate real-time streaming and historical events across disparate applications and infrastructure

Application Monitoring

Monitor users and transactions across applications, web servers, application servers, databases, messaging and other middleware and application infrastructure.

Server Monitoring

Monitor operating systems, virtual machines, memory, processors and disks. Detect and prevent performance issues, unexpected events and security breaches.

Network Monitoring

Monitor syslog, network routers, switches and firewalls. Optimize network capacity, identify latencies and detect network security issues.

    Localized or centralised log management at massive scale

Get the complete picture. Analyze ALL your operational data, not just what you can afford to collect

Deploy a hybrid approach that takes the value of your different types of data into account:

  • Use Central Index Stores to centralise the high-value data that you want to keep around
  • Deploy Local Indexers for other, perhaps lower-value data (when you're not yet sure how useful it's going to be)
  • Flexibly switch between central and local indexing, and dynamically add new indexers to scale

Central Index Store

Collect and analyze high-value data on centralised servers

      Scale on dedicated infrastructure

Local Indexer

Analyze other data on the machines where it's generated

      Scale on existing infrastructure

(lower total costs)

Index unlimited data volumes at fixed costs and massive scale

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Other useful stuff...

  Security and Personalization

Control access to data, searches and dashboards using role-based security. Personalize multi-tenant views for individuals, teams and departments. Integrate with LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory.

  Real-time Alerts

Raise alerts and trigger events with flexible cron-based tasks to generate reports, execute scripts, send email notifications.

  Real-time Reporting

Automatically generate rich pdf reports from any search or dashboard.

Logscape Apps

Search, analyse and monitor common platforms out of the box

  • .NET Applications
  • Java Applications
  • LAMP Stack
  • MySQL
  • Oracle Coherence
  • Windows
  • Unix
  • Cisco Network Devices
  • Squid Cache
  • Learn more...  

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